Are you genuinely influencing and inspiring people who are like you?

Marketing is not for the masses. It would be impossible to convince the masses to think like you. It is very possible to find people who do think like you, who are already convinced. Those people, that audience, your customer, can be and wants to be influenced—through emotion and values, through your story and vision of better, through your positive change to the status quo.

Marketing aims to inspire the influenced to act and advocate.

100 people who are already convinced of the problem you solve—the change you want to make—are more easily influenced and inspired than 1,000 people who need to be convinced. Marketing is for those 100. Businesses grow because of those 100—not the 1,000.

Influence is real, authentic, genuine, and long-term. Your customers are receptive and say “I like.”

Manipulation is fake, deceptive, counterfeit, and short-term. Your customers are resistant and say, “I dislike.”

Marketing is finding the people like us, influencing and inspiring them, so they willingly and excitedly move from being aware of to advocating for our brand/cause.