Be like Apple, or Nike, or—but, not—Starbucks.

Marketing for the masses does not work. The largest companies on planet earth do not market for the masses. Don’t believe me? Look at Apple versus Microsoft. Look at Nike versus Adidas. Look at Starbucks versus your local craft coffee roaster.

You could not pay me enough money to go to Starbucks versus my local craft coffee roaster. Why? The granular details that make me who I am (values, preferences, beliefs).

I’ve used an iPhone since 2007 and have a Steve Jobs biography on my desk; there are no features or benefits that Google could add to the Pixel that would make me change phones.

Successful startups, small businesses, and large corporations do not market to the masses. Successful marketing granularly identifies what makes up the community that is your customer.

Those granular details are your customer. Once you know your customer, you can tell your story! They are going to be excited to hear it and they are going to want to share it.